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Born in Singapore and working now in Sydney, Australia, Lucrezia Tettoni is an award winning artist, graphic designer and 'ideas man', operating under the pseudonym LUCA BATTLES. As a graphic designer and art director, Luca has worked with a wide array of clients, including the UTS Faculty of Architecture and Design, CATC Design School, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, and City of Sydney. She is primarily responsible for the design of books and other printed matter, although during 2010/11, Luca worked as the art director and head designer for the now defunct Dust & Dessert Magazine. She also held the position of art director for music collective The Document (Singapore). She has interned at Frost* Design, working across environmental design, branding, and brand strategy. She currently works in the fashion branding industry, with brands such as Fred Perry, Lanvin, and Carhartt.

Luca’s fine art work is somewhat iconoclastic, both in its subject matter and her chosen media. Combining evocative landscapes with geometric abstraction, religious symbols with weapons, she designs violent and ethereal imaginary worlds that embody her recurring themes of romance, battle, loss, and the counterintuitive torment of togetherness. Her work was featured in Semi-Permanent 2011, and she has shown in galleries in Australia and South-East Asia and is the winner of the Lance Huet Art Prize and the UOB Painting of the year 2007.